Give people the option to make a donation towards an event.

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I would love it if people were able to register for an event, but were given the option of making a donation towards the cost if they wanted to/ or were in a position to do so.

The only way that I can do this is either by setting up a $1 donation as a supply and people then purchase 20 x $1 donations, or creating $5 donation, $10 donation, $15 donation etc.

I'd really like to see a blank box that people can type in their donation amount.
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  • hopeful that this can happen

Posted 6 years ago

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This would help the "free will" concept when that is the intent. Saying free will, then subliminally suggesting amounts, really doesn't look free will.
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We would use this as well! We have lots of events where we are used to allowing families to donate or support a scholarship and can give in any denomination they would like.
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You would be able to collect more money from members who attend an event that they have to register for, if you were able to add in your registration questions a line that says something like "would you like to make a donation to this cause?" and then allow the person registering to enter any amount they like that would be added to their regisration fee. Right now you have to ask people to register in one place and then if they wish to make a donation, go through AccessACS. And because that takes too much time, most people dont do it, so we are loosing money.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Integrating Event Payments and Online Giving for ACS Pay Plus.

I am an ACS Pay Plus customer. I would like to be able to contribute to the church during the event registration process.

Many contributors register for events online, and also contribute online. Why not give them the option to do both at once? 

Currently, if someone wants to make a contribution above the amount listed for an event, they have to go back to the online giving link. Here (especially if they don't have a login) they will need to re-enter their payment method.

I would like for you to have the ability to add a contribution to the event registration, and use the same payment method you entered to pay for the event. This allows me to do everything in one shot, and not have to go to a separate link and enter my payment details again. 

The additional amount would be considered deductible, so preference would be for it to be a separate transaction that is imported with contributions.

This is more of a want compared to a need, but would be a nice enhancement.

For example: I am using event registration to buy a ticket to see a missionary speak. The cost of the ticket is $10, but I'd like to give $100 to that missionary. I'd like to be able to do one of two things:

1) Have an option to add an additional amount onto the set amount
2) Even better, be given the option to add a contribution, not even limiting me to that fund/cause. I may want to just give to the church also, but not specifically to that missionary. You get the picture..

Thank you for considering this addition to the program!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Allow Donations in Registration Events.

It would be helpful if Donations could be made at the same time event registration payments are made.  This is one more convenient way to accept contributions rather than have to make a payment for the event and then have to go to a different page to make contribution payment.  It could then all be done in one transaction rather than two;
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Official Response
Thank you all for your suggestion and feedback. While this is not planned for Access ACS event registrations, we have shared this request with our Realm Product Management team so that they can add it to the list of features needed in Realm.